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Social media, my store, and other info...

So to address some of the common questions I have been receiving...

I'd like to start by saying no, this is not a pay site.

This is a general home base for me and my fans. To blog, share links to my recent work, post pics, get info, etc...

I may add features such as a forum & perhaps the ability to comment on my blogs in order to make the site more interactive,

but I never intended for this redesign to be done as a pay site.

If you are looking for that please go to .

There you can see the sexy award winning scenes I produced/directed/starred in for my company.

Now I have been retired from performing in adult films for well over 3 years. That's not going to change.

I ask that you please respect that & I hope that you continue to enjoy following me as I move into the next part of my life and career.

I have some truly extraordinary things to accomplish. :-)

A few people have sent me messages referring to having chatted with me on Facebook.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately that wasn't me. I only set up my Facebook page less than 3 years ago.

And while I post fairly often, I haven't really interacted much with fans on there. is my only facebook page.

All others are fakes. Please like me there if you haven't! :-)

Also.....My only twitter is and my only Instagram account is .

I also launched a brand new store! !

This is the first time I've ever offered items like t-shirts, tote bags, and posters.

Also everything is limited edition so once I sell out of each item,

I won't be making any more.

All posters and 8x10's are personally autographed & numbered by me.

At the moment, I am only shipping within the USA,

but I am working on being able to ship internationally.

I hope to have at least Canada, Australia , and the UK added by next week!

I will be designing and adding new products often.

So be sure to follow all of my social media pages for special sales codes/offers as well as all updates!

Thank you all for the amazing response I've gotten with the release of this website!

I can't wait to blog more! You guys rock!



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