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Store updates!

Just wanted to let you all know about some recent awesome updates to my store

1. You can now check out using Paypal!

2. I am shipping to a few other countries besides the United States...

Such as: Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany. Yay!

3. I added a really cool Iphone 5/5s case!

It's the first time I've EVER been on an Iphone case so I'm pretty damn excited!

They are fucking rad! Check them out.

4. Make sure you keep updated with my Twitter/Instagram/Facebook accounts.

Those places are where you will find special coupon codes, upcoming giveaways, new product releases, and more.

Happy shopping!

And I hope everyone had a super spooky Halloween...

I watched scary movies all night & ate a TON of candy! :-)



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