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Hi everyone! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any kind of update on here. So this is what I’ve been up to: I’m currently super busy working toward my B.A. in psychology (I earned my A.A. degree this past June.) I am now a full-time student carrying a full schedule of courses. I should be graduating in May 2020 & then will be continuing on to grad school. As I’ve said previously online, I’m writing a couple of books. A creative-writing venture, and a memoir. These are taking longer than I expected with my intense schedule & trying to juggle everything, but I expect to have one of them finished and ready to publish early 2019! I’m also working hard on a project commemorating my final dance tour (which ended this past February) with PaperworkNYC. This should be completed and released in mid-December (next month! Only weeks away!) I’m really excited about this project & cannot wait for you all to see it! Additionally, I’m posting regularly on my OnlyFans page (/JennaHaze). So if you want to see the latest content of me, that I can’t post on Instagram or on here, please check it out and become a member! And finally, I’ve sold out of XL, L, and M sized limited edition HAZE shirts in my online store!!! All that remains are size XS & S. I will be putting these on a heavy discount for the holidays in order to clear out the inventory & be able to design/stock a new T-shirt. Probably going to go with a white style this time. I’ve sold out of a few of the limited edition 8x10’s & will be making new prints soon. I also added some new OOAK items to the store. There are some truly collectible pieces that I’m sure someone would love to own. Thank you ALWAYS for your love & support. I’ll post more info on these upcoming releases ASAP! xxxx Jenna 

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