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Own something rare: a piece of memorabilia directly from my career...

While doing some early spring cleaning, I began to realize that I have so many awesome items from my movies, photoshoots, and music videos... Items that I bet my amazing fans would love to buy and collect. This is the first time I've ever offered such collectible/unique items for sale and I will only be selling a very small amount of these one-of-a-kind items that I have worn throughout my career.

Yes, this means that you can own those sexy heels that I wore in your favorite scene. Or maybe you loved my appearance in James Gunn's "PG Porn" Episode? Well you can own the skimpy bikini that I wore in it!

There will be items from all aspects of my career and at various price levels. So what are you waiting for, get over to I will be adding new items at least once a week for the next couple months so be sure to check back frequently... You never know what I'll list next!



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